Patient Transformation Stories: Caryn's New Life & Story

Patient Transformation Stories: Caryn's New Life & Story - After


Describe your life before you had Weight Loss Surgery My weight cost me time with my family and even friends, and work events. I was always so embarrassed of my weight and how I looked, I would avoid a lot of events, parties, get togethers for my work, my family and even things for my own kids growing up. I was embarrassed to wear shorts, I was too big to ride rides at the carnival, fairs and even six flags. Even just sitting in a sit on an airplane always caused me anxiety because of my size and who might have to sit next to me. I started to have major knee problems, back hurting and my legs so painful swollen at the end of my shift. I was actually worried I was gonna have to find a new job career where I wasn’t on my feet all day. My bp was now high and had to be on meds. Plus cholesterol and the last straw was being told I was borderline diabetic and if I got another high fast glucose, my pcp was going to put me on meds for that too. I was sick of feeling like my body was 100 yrs old when I am 46. Seeing other people my age or even older doing things I couldn’t do was extremely depressing. So I had to do something. It was either weight loss surgery or orthopedic surgery. How long were you considering Weight Loss Surgery before you came in? I had been wanting it basically after my 3 rd child. Which was 21 years ago. I first heard of the lap band, and so wanted to get it. I had a friend from work get it, she had a complication so it scared me and I reconsidered waiting. Then I heard about the sleeve procedure and really was ready to have it done. I had 2 cousins, and 1 friend have it done with mixed results. My one cousin who has not had kids or any history did very well and still is. My other cousin, her sister lost some but gained it all back and then some. My friend who has it done did very well. So I decided to look in to it. I was already to take the big leap and then Covid hit. So I had to wait and like everyone worried what Covid was and what was going to happen. Then I had a friend who had the bypass surgery who had such a good result and went to Dr Cribbins and loved him. So that was it, I felt like it was a sign. I called and made an appointment and the rest is history! And a brand new start on my life! What was it like to work with our team? Truly amazing! Everyone was so beyond nice. Always available to answer all my crazy and never ending questions. I felt so prepared prior, during and post surgery. Describe your life now, after Weight Loss Surgery I can do my job without being tired at the end of the day. I can actually come home and now enjoy my family and not be so tired or in so much pain I have to go to bed! It has truly changed my life! Then energy I have, I can’t even describe. Everyone always sad I was a nice person but now all I talk about is how good I feel, I have inspired my co-workers to be healthy and make healthy choices at work. We get food from reps all the time, work dinners and I now go to all of them. I actually socialize now. My husband and I just got back from a short vacay and I not only fit in the chair on the plane but I could buckle and it had more room. I didn’t hang over the seat onto the person next to me. It was such a great feeling! I actually went clothes shopping and I had such anxiety. But once I tried on a pair of jeans and that fit nicely, I almost cried. So many more things. I actually wore shorts at home this summer and wasn’t all insecure.

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