Four LAP-BAND Benefits By Allan Joseph Cribbins on May 09, 2022

before and after photo of a woman following bariatric surgeryExcess body mass puts undue stress on the joints, muscles, and organs of the body, resulting in chronic health conditions. Bariatric surgeries, like the LAP-BAND procedure, help patients shed excess weight by altering the size of the stomach, which limits caloric intake.

The Texas Center for Bariatrics & Advanced Surgery offers life-changing bariatric surgeries for patients battling obesity in PlanoTX. Our bariatric surgeon, Dr. Allan Joseph Cribbins III, ensures patients’ success and safety during their weight loss journey through his decades of experience, advanced technology, and unmatched skill.

Dr. Cribbins specializes in numerous weight loss surgeries, including laparoscopic adjustable gastric band (LAP-BAND) surgery. In this article, Dr. Cribbins discusses four LAP-BAND benefits to demonstrate its value as an effective, long-term weight loss procedure.

LAP-BAND Surgery Is Less Invasive

LAP-BAND surgery is a less-invasive alternative to other weight loss procedures. Some surgeries, like gastric bypass, require intestinal rerouting and alterations to the stomach. The LAP-BAND procedure, however, does not make permanent changes to the structure of the stomach or gastrointestinal tract.

Instead, Dr. Cribbins creates a few, small incisions to place an inflatable silicone band around the stomach using specialized tools. As a result, patients recover faster, experience less pain, and have minimal scarring.

Customizable, Adjustable, and Reversible

It’s common for patients to experience a plateau in their weight loss progress. The LAP-BAND procedure allows Dr. Cribbins to make minor adjustments to the size of the band by adding a saline solution through a port under the skin. The more saline solution that Dr. Cribbins adds to the band, the more it restricts the usable volume of the stomach, resulting in continued weight loss.

As long as the gastric band is in place, Dr. Cribbins can make adjustments suited to each patient’s needs. This means that patients receive highly individualized care that helps them maintain their weight loss efforts for years to come.

Should our Plano patients choose to reverse their procedure, Dr. Cribbins can safely remove the gastric band. Because LAP-BAND surgery does not require the removal of any stomach tissue, patients are free to explore other bariatric surgeries after band removal.

Gastric Bands Are Safe

As with any surgery, there is the risk of complications. LAP-BAND surgery, however, has been found to be a safe procedure with few complications. In addition, not many patients undergo further weight loss operations after LAP-BAND surgery, and the mortality rate is very low. 

LAP-BAND Surgery Improves Systemic Health

Rapid and sustained weight loss makes an incredible impact on patients’ overall health. Research suggests that gastric bands are effective at lowering hemoglobin A1C values, which helps type 2 diabetics better manage the disease. In fact, many patients find that they no longer rely on insulin injections or medications following their LAP-BAND procedure.

Furthermore, patients’ blood pressure can improve greatly after gastric band surgery. This limits their risk of long-term complications from hypertension, such as heart attacks, strokes, or dementia.

Talk to Our Bariatric Surgeon About LAP-BAND Surgery

Excess weight leads to chronic health conditions and a shorter lifespan. LAP-BAND surgery allows patients to regain control of their weight and health. 

If you’re ready to explore your candidacy for gastric band surgery, then schedule a consultation at the Texas Center for Bariatrics & Advanced Surgery today.

Patients can request an appointment with Dr. Cribbins by sending our team a message or by calling our Plano office at (214) 501-1333.

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