Robotic surgery system

Da Vinci Xi® Ultra Minimally Invasive Surgery

Texas Center surgeons proudly uses the state-of-the-art technology from Intuitive and the Da Vinci Xi surgical system to perform surgery.

The Da Vinci Xi system allows our surgeons the ability to provide patients with a faster recovery, minimal discomfort, and better results.

Here's why our board-certified surgeons use the ultra minimally invasive Da Vinci Xi Surgical System at our Plano, TX, practice...

Robotic surgery system

The Da Vinci Xi Platform Ultra Minimally Invasive Advantages for Patients

Smaller Incisions-Less Scaring

With the Da Vinci Xi surgical system our surgeons can perform minimally invasive surgery on a whole new level.  By accessing the surgical site through several smaller incisions it is ultra minimally invasive.   Dr. A. Joseph Cribbins III can help patients experience: less pain, reduced scarring, faster healing, and the best results possible.

Faster Recovery-Feel Better Sooner

For most patients, this ultra minimally invasive technique translates to a quicker and more comfortable recovery.  Because the recovery is faster, patients can experience: a shorter hospital stay, less time away from work or school, and a quicker return to their normal activities.  

More Precise-Better Results

Dr. Cribbins is a board-certified surgeon who is highly trained and experienced in ultra minimally invasive da Vinci robotic surgery.  He has used the Da Vinci surgical system since 2012. Affiliated hospitals have state-of-the-art operating rooms that use the most current robotic surgical system to treat patients.  Baylor Scott & White and Texas Health Presbyterian hospitals are exceptional hospital facilities. 

The Da Vinci Xi surgical system provides the surgeon with 3DHD magnified vision and true depth perception.  This allows the surgeon to see beyond the capability of the naked eye. The Da Vinci robot also allows the surgeon increased precision and a greater range of motion while operating.  This translates to even better results for patients and takes minimally invasive surgery to a whole new level.

One Operation Can Change Your Life Live the Life YOU Want

There are situations in life that require surgery to correct and when they do you want the best team and technology on your side. Because we use Ultra Minimally Invasive Da Vinci technology, many patients throughout Texas and surrounding states visit us when they need bariatric or general surgery

Dr. Cribbins is affiliated with several leading organizations, including the:

  • American Board of Surgery (ABS)
  • American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS)
  • MBSAQIP  accredited centers by ABS and ASMBS 
  • Texas Association for Bariatric Surgery (TABS)
  • Obesity Action Coalition (OAC)

To learn more about our technology, request a consultation at our Plano, TX, practice online or call us at:

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Dr. Cribbins

Patients Trust Us with Their Care


James Kelly


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Thank you Dr Cribbins for making my Christmas wish come true.  For many years I have wanted to visit my family in  California for Christmas, but I have not been able to do so because I did not fit in an airplane seat.  I have lost 325 pounds thanks to having weight loss surgery with you.  I was able to fly home this Christmas and see my family!  Not  only did I fit in an airplane seat I fit in a coach seat.  Thank you for the life changing surgery!  I can now go anywhere I want and not worry if I will fit in a seat on a plane, at the movies, in a restaurant or ANYWHERE else.  I have my life back and I loving my life again.  Thank you Thank you Thank you !

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Tara Hudson


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I was referred to Dr Cribbins by 3 different colleagues and am so glad I chose his office. The process for my insurance to cover my gastric sleeve was long and confusing but his office has helped with every step. I am not 12 days post op with zero complications and so excited for my new life! Dr Cribbins, Dr McCallum, Keisha, Barbara and Crystal are all life savers! Thank you so much!!

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Da Vinci Arms  & a Surgeon's Skilled Hands

da Vinci Robotic System
The Da Vinci surgical system is always under the control of the surgeon.

Our Doctors Are Specialists in Robotic Assisted Surgery

Dr. Cribbins is a highly trained specialist in robotic-assisted surgery. The Da Vinci Xi platform is the most advanced surgical system for ultra minimally invasive surgery.  It is the best suited tool for better patient results.  He has proudly performed Da Vinci surgery since 2012.

Dr. Cribbins

More 5-Star Reviews


Britton Barnes


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Dr. Cribbins is not only a great surgeon he is super compassionate to his patients. I highly recommend Dr. Cribbins as a Bariatric Surgeon North Texas.

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Andrew Vancil


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Great Hospital, Friendly Staff, Great Parking, and Dr Cribbins has been named a Best Doctor by D magazine for 12 years in a row for a reason-because he is the BEST!

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Will the Da Vinci Robot Be Performing the Surgery?

No. This surgical system is completely controlled by our doctors. Our board-certified surgeons have received extensive training on performing robotic procedures utilizing the Da Vinci system and are some of the most experienced in the state. Dr. Cribbins has used the Da Vinci surgical platform since 2012.

During the procedure, every maneuver performed by the robot is under the direct control of the surgeon.

Millions of Procedures Have Been Performed Using This Surgical System

To date, over 6 million surgical procedures around the world have been performed using the Ultra Minimally InvasiveDa Vinci surgical system. 

Am I a Candidate for Ultra Minmally Invasive Da Vinci Surgery?

Several factors affect whether the technique is a good fit...

Type of Procedure

This surgical system is extremely flexible and can be used to perform a wide range of procedures, including weight loss/ bariatric procedures and general surgery

Doctor's Recommendation

Wherever possible we will attempt to perform your procedure using the Da Vinci surgical system.  Our patients are confident in our doctors' decisions to use our robotic-assisted surgical system over conventional techniques.  Their results say it all.

Personal Preferences

Many patients who are in need of surgical attention are concerned about the amount of time they will need to take off work, the amount of discomfort they will experience, and whether their operation will result in scarring. For these patients, Da Vinci may be a great option. 

We Can Use Ultra Minimally Invasive Da Vinci Technology
to Perform Various Procedures

Bariatric/Weight Loss Surgery

General Surgery 

  • Cholecystectomy (Gallbladder) 
  • Reflux Surgery for GERD (Nissen Fundoplication) 
  • Hernia Surgery 
  • Ventral Hernia 
  • Inguinal Hernia 
  • Incisional Hernia
  • Umbilical Hernia 
  • Hiatal Hernia  
  • Appendectomy 
Dr. Cribbins and Dr. McCalman

Texas Center for
Bariatrics & Advanced Surgery

Our highly skilled and experienced board-certified surgeons, specialize in ultra-minimally invasive general and bariatric surgery and they are affiliated with a number of national associations, including:

  • American Board of Surgery
  • American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS)
  • American College of Surgeons (ACS)

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