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Hormone Replacement Therapy

The levels of some hormones naturally decrease throughout ones lifespan due to menopause, the aging process, and other factors.

These hormonal changes can cause unpleasant symptoms and greatly affect your quality of life. Our Plano, TX, doctors are here to help.

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy from Texas Center for Bariatrics & Advanced Surgery can help you experience a better way of life.

Middle-aged woman holding head in hands

Our Hormone Replacement Method A Convenient, Reliable Solution

Our Plano, TX, doctors can address menopausal symptoms and other adverse effects of hormone imbalance using bio-identical hormone pellets, which are roughly the size of a grain of rice. The small pellets we use are specially made to ensure you receive the ideal dosage for your body. The doctor will create a very small pocket in your subcutaneous tissue and insert pellets that will steadily release important hormones over three to six months.

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Male patients can receive testosterone-based hormone therapy to counteract the natural decrease in hormone levels that comes with aging.

Supplementing testosterone can help increase your libido, energy levels, concentration, muscle mass, and more.

Female patients can receive a combination of bio-identical estradiol (a form of estrogen) and testosterone to replace the same hormones affected by menopause and aging. This treatment can combat the symptoms of menopause and regulate your mood, improve weight, and sleep cycle.

The Benefits of Pellets For Hormone Therapy

Steady Dosage

Creams and pills for hormone replacement can quickly spike your hormone levels upon use, but as they wear off, your levels drop again. This fluctuation can aggravate the symptoms you've sought treatment for in the first place. Pellets gradually release hormones into your body over the course of several months for a steadier effect. 

Ease of Use

It's also easy to forget to use a pill or cream on a daily basis, leading to inconsistent treatment. Because hormone pellets are inserted by a doctor, there's no chance of forgetting your dosage. When the time comes, your doctor can provide more pellets in another short procedure.

Bioidentical Hormones

The pellet method uses bioidentical hormones, which means that they are chemically identical to the hormones naturally produced by the human body. In addition to helping with symptoms like hot flashes, low libido, sleep issues, and more, a review published in Postgraduate Medicine concluded that bioidentical hormones are associated with a lower risk of breast cancer and cardiovascular disease than synthetic or animal-derived alternatives.

High Satisfaction Rates

Many patients prefer this form of hormone replacement therapy for its convenience and steady results. In fact, a study on testosterone-based pellet hormone therapy reported a 95% satisfaction rate among surveyed patients within six to 12 months of treatment.

The EvexiPEL Difference

Highly trained practitioners trained by world renowned experts specializing in bio-identical hormone restoration.  Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy with pellets is a natural alternative to synthetic hormone replacement therapies.  With bio-identical hormones, the structure of the hormone-testosterone, estrogen or both- is matched to the individual patient's needs.  

Bio-identical hormones are natural, plant-based substances that metabolize in our bodies the way nature intended.  Synthetic hormones are mass-produced and artificially formulated in a lab.  

Hear What Patients Are Saying about bio-identical hormone replacement therapy

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Very happy with procedure. Dr Cribbins and the entire office team are great!

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Dr C just gets it- he is down to earth and listens to you and takes all the time that YOU need- 10 out of 19 most definitely

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The Texas Center team is here to help you sort through the pros and cons when deciding whether to pursue hormone replacement therapy to treat the symptoms of menopause or decreased testosterone. Dr. Cribbins and our medical team are happy to speak with you about the benefits and potential risks of various types of hormone replacement therapy.

To get started, you can message our office or call us at:

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Pellet Hormone Therapy and Breast Cancer  Understanding What the Studies Show  

You may have read that hormone therapy has been linked to certain diseases, such as breast cancer. It is true that some studies have found an association between hormone replacement therapy and an increased risk of breast cancer. However, it's important to consider participant demographics, the duration of treatment, the treatment method, and which specific types of hormones carry an increased risk. 

While your treatment will always be your choice, we want you to know that we have found hormone therapy with bioidentical hormone pellets to be a very safe and effective method for treating the hormonal symptoms of menopause and aging. This is backed up by recent evidence. The results of a 2021 study on hormone therapy that tracked the incidence of a range of adverse effects, including heart disease and breast cancer, showed an occurrence rate of less than 1% out of over 1,000,000 surveyed adults.

Additionally, a 2020 study of over 500,000 women demonstrated a low risk of breast cancer after combined hormone replacement therapy and an even lower risk after estrogen-only therapy. It's also important to note that this study focused exclusively on synthetic and animal-based hormones, not bioidentical hormones, which, as mentioned above, have been associated with even lower risks of adverse effects.

Considerations for Potential Candidates

If any of these conditions currently apply to you, hormone therapy may not be the best choice to help you manage the symptoms of menopause or decreased testosterone levels. 

  • Active Cancer
  • Currently Pregnant

Candidacy for hormone therapy is determined based on your medical history, current hormone levels, and other factors. Our Plano, TX, team will thoroughly consider your situation when deciding if hormone replacement therapy with pellets is right for you.

"They absolutely changed my life."


Chris Goers


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Very kind staff and Dr Cribbens is very encouraging and accessible. Would recommend him to those looking for a caring doctor.

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Dr. Cribbins and his staff are the best. They absolutely changed my life and I am forever grateful.

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How Does Hormone Therapy With Pellets Work?

During your consultation at our Plano office, Dr. Cribbins will ask about your symptoms and assess current hormone levels to determine the proper dosage for your treatment. 
The entire procedure can be performed in less than 20 minutes.
The entire procedure can be performed in less than 20 minutes.

Local Anesthetic

The treatment area will be thoroughly numbed with local anesthetic to ensure your comfort. The pellet insertion will be painless.

Create a Pocket

Your doctor will make a small pocket in the fatty tissue of your hips or buttocks to accommodate the hormone pellets. This pocket will be created with a technique that offers maximum discretion and minimal discomfort.

Insert Pellets

A number of pellets will be inserted into the pocket depending on your individual treatment plan. Due to their size, they will be unnoticeable regardless of how many you receive.

Continued Treatment

Because the pellets slowly release hormones into your body, you will only need to receive new ones three to four times a year. When you require further treatment for menopause or decreased testosteron, you will return to our Plano practice so your doctor can assess your hormone levels and perform another brief procedure.
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