da Vinci Xi surgery system

Da Vinci Xi: Ultra Minimally Invasive Surgery

Our doctors proudly use Intuitive’s state-of-the-art Da Vinci® Xi Surgical System in order to give patients the optimum in medical care.

When used by our highly trained surgeon, the Xi lets patients enjoy a faster recovery, minimal discomfort, and better results. 

Here's why the Texas Center for Bariatrics & Advanced Surgery in Plano, TX, uses the ultra minimally invasive Da Vinci Xi ...

da Vinci Xi surgery system

The Da Vinci Xi Platform Advantages for Patients

Smaller Incisions & Less Scarring

Minimally invasive operations become ultra minimally invasive with the Da Vinci Xi, which enables complex procedures through the smallest of incisions. The technique offers the best possible results while enhancing the patient experience with less pain, reduced scarring, and faster healing.

Feel Better Sooner

In the hands of an expert like Dr. A. Joseph Cribbins III, who has used Da Vinci technology since 2012, the Xi surgical techniques translate to a quicker and more comfortable recovery for most patients. Because the recovery is faster, patients can experience a shorter hospital stay, less time away from work or school, and a quicker return to their normal activities.  

More Precise Treatment & Improved Results

Dr. Cribbins, who is highly trained and experienced in the Da Vinci platform, is an expert at guiding the Xi, which translates his hand gestures into precise and delicate movements. His deft control of the Xi and its miniaturized surgical tools minimizes disruption of surrounding tissue and results in less bleeding and postoperative pain, even as compared to traditional laparoscopic methods. 

Exceptional Surgical Facilities

Dr. Cribbins uses state-of-the-art operating rooms that feature the most current Da Vinci Xi technology: Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Frisco; Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Plano, Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Plano, and Texas Health Center for Diagnostics & Surgery in Plano. 

Live the Life YOU Want One Operation Can Change Your Life

There are situations in life that require an operation and when they do, you want the best team and technology on your side. Because we use ultra minimally invasive technology, many patients throughout Texas and surrounding states seek us out when they need bariatric or general surgeryDr. Cribbins is affiliated with several leading organizations, including the:

  • American Board of Surgery (ABS)
  • American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS)
  • Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program (MBSAQIP®) 
  • Texas Association for Bariatric Surgery (TABS)
  • Obesity Action Coalition (OAC)

To learn more about our technology, request a consultation at our Plano, TX, practice online or call us at:

(214) 501-1333

Dr. Cribbins

"I have my life back" Patients Trust Us with Their Care


James Kelly


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Thank you Dr Cribbins for making my Christmas wish come true.  For many years I have wanted to visit my family in  California for Christmas, but I have not been able to do so because I did not fit in an airplane seat.  I have lost 325 pounds thanks to having weight loss surgery with you.  I was able to fly home this Christmas and see my family!  Not  only did I fit in an airplane seat I fit in a coach seat.  Thank you for the life changing surgery!  I can now go anywhere I want and not worry if I will fit in a seat on a plane, at the movies, in a restaurant or ANYWHERE else.  I have my life back and I loving my life again.  Thank you Thank you Thank you !

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Tara Hudson


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I was referred to Dr Cribbins by 3 different colleagues and am so glad I chose his office. The process for my insurance to cover my gastric sleeve was long and confusing but his office has helped with every step. I am not 12 days post op with zero complications and so excited for my new life! Dr Cribbins, Dr McCallum, Keisha, Barbara and Crystal are all life savers! Thank you so much!!

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Da Vinci Arms & a Surgeon's Skilled Hands

Dr. Cribbins and da Vinci Xi
The surgical system is always under the control of Dr. Cribbins.

Choose Specialists in Computer-Assisted Surgery

Dr. Cribbins is highly trained in the Da Vinci Xi platform, the recognized leader in ultra minimally invasive operations. The Xi excels at providing surgeons the enhanced vision, precision, dexterity, and control essential for better patient results. 

Dr. Cribbins

More 5-Star Reviews


Britton Barnes


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Dr. Cribbins is not only a great surgeon he is super compassionate to his patients. I highly recommend Dr. Cribbins as a Bariatric Surgeon North Texas.

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Andrew Vancil


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Great Hospital, Friendly Staff, Great Parking, and Dr Cribbins has been named a Best Doctor by D magazine for 12 years in a row for a reason-because he is the BEST!

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Will the Da Vinci Surgical System Perform the Operation?

No. This surgical system is completely controlled by Dr. Cribbins. A board-certified surgeon, he has received extensive training on performing computer-assisted procedures and he is one of the most experienced surgeons in the state on the Xi platform. Dr. Cribbins has used the system since 2012.

Dr. Cribbins and staff

During the procedure, every maneuver is performed under the direct control of Dr. Cribbins.

Growing in Popularity around the World...

To date, over 7 million surgical procedures around the world have been performed using the Da Vinci Surgical System. 

The Da Vinci Xi Is Optimized For Complex Procedures & Improved Results

The Xi is Da Vinci’s four-generation surgical system and its most advanced. 

By expanding the capabilities of previous systems, the Xi has been optimized for use in complex surgeries. A key advancement over the older Da Vinci Si is the placement of the Xi's four surgical arms on an overhead boom. This new configuration allows the Xi to easily pivot into virtually any position to improve access for the surgeon.  

Other enhancements over the Si model include:  

  • Improved cameras for 3DHD visualization
  • Smaller, thinner arms with a greater range of motion 
  • Longer instrument shafts, which give surgeons greater reach

These high-tech refinements virtually extend Dr. Cribbins's eyes and hands for more precise surgery. In addition, the versatility of the miniaturized tools allows Dr. Cribbins to minimize disruption of nearby tissue and nerves, which makes recovery easier and less painful.

In general, most patients experience less pain, fewer complications, and quicker recovery after operations using Da Vinci's sophisticated technology.

Am I a Candidate for Da Vinci Surgery?

Several factors affect whether the technique is a good fit...

Type of Procedure

This surgical system is extremely flexible and can be used to perform a wide range of procedures at the Texas Center for Bariatrics & Advanced Surgery in Plano, including weight loss/bariatric procedures and general surgery

Doctor's Recommendation

Wherever possible, we will attempt to perform your procedure using the Da Vinci platform. Our patients are confident in our doctors' decisions to use our computer-assisted surgical system over conventional techniques. Their results say it all.

Personal Preferences

Many patients who are in need of surgical attention are concerned about how much time they will need to take off work, the amount of discomfort they will experience, and whether their operation will result in scarring. For these patients, Da Vinci may be a great option. 

A Closer Look at Da Vinci's Benefits For Bariatric & General Surgery

Bariatric Surgery

Dr. Cribbins uses the Da Vinci Xi Surgical System for a variety of bariatric surgical procedures, including gastric sleeve and gastric bypass. By using this ultra minimally invasive technique, Dr. Cribbins is able to shorten patients’ recovery and reduce their discomfort. In the hands of a skilled surgeon, this advanced technology has been shown to offer bariatric patients a: 

  • Low rate of complications
  • Low rate of wound infection
  • Short hospital stay

Even when compared with traditional laparoscopy methods, the Da Vinci method excels at bariatric procedures. Potential benefits include: 

  • Much lower rate of gastrointestinal leaks
  • Lower risk of needing a follow-up operation
  • Lower risk of converting to open surgery

While the Da Vinci offers superior precision, its advanced capabilities are enhanced in the hands of an experienced master like Dr. Cribbins

Model of torso with stomach in red

Gallbladder Surgery

Gallbladder removal, also called a cholecystectomy, is one of the most common surgeries we perform. For the best results and fastest recovery, Dr. Cribbins uses the Da Vinci Xi, which takes traditional laparoscopy to a new level. 

In addition to offering an enhanced 3DHD view of the surgical landscape, the Da Vinci also translates Dr. Cribbins's expert hand motions into smaller, more precise movements. This fine motor control results in less disruption to nearby organs and better patient results. 

Potential benefits of using the Xi for a gallbladder operation include:

  • Minimal scarring
  • Minimal pain
  • Low blood loss
  • Faster recovery
  • Shortened hospital stays
Dr. Cribbins and team
In the hands of an experienced surgeon like Dr. Cribbins, the Da Vinci Surgical System offers superior advantages to older laparoscopy technology.


The Da Vinci Xi Surgical System makes a hernia operation safer than ever before, especially when its advanced capabilities are in the hands of an experienced master like Dr. Cribbins.

Using this latest iteration of the Da Vinci, the most advanced surgical system available, Dr. Cribbins can repair your hernia through a few small incisions. This advanced method minimizes scarring and shortens recovery time. Most patients can return home the same day as their operation. 

Potential benefits of Da Vinci’s enhanced vision, precision, and control include: 

  • Low rate of hernia returning
  • Low incidence of pain
  • Short hospital stays
Dr. Cribbins adjusting da Vinci Xi
Most patients can return home the same day as their operation at the Texas Center for Bariatrics & Advanced Surgery in Plano.

Looking for Advanced Surgical Care?
Call or Email Us for a Consultation

In the hands of an experienced surgeon like Dr. Cribbins, the Da Vinci Xi Surgical System makes operations safer and less invasive than ever before.

In addition to bariatric and gallbladder surgery, Dr. Cribbins can use the Da Vinci Surgical System for hernias, GERD treatment, appendectomies, and more. Call the Texas Center for Bariatrics & Advanced Surgery in Plano to learn what surgical options are available for your case. Or schedule a consultation online to determine if you would be a good candidate: 

(214) 501-1333

"Great Doctor, Great Staff!" Hear from More Happy Patients


Jenna Nix


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I had the best experience one can have while having to undergo an operation. Dr Cribbins and all of his staff were incredibly warm, friendly, supportive, and helpful throughout my entire process. I felt like each person I talked with at Dr Cribbins office truly cared about my well being and worked to make my experience pleasant and smooth. Dr Cribbins is wonderful, he's kind, caring, patient (I asked a million questions and he never made me feel rushed) and he is an excellent surgeon. I experience severe nausea with anesthesia but because of Dr Cribbins caring personality, he responded to my nausea concerns with genuine concern and worked with the anesthesiologist and I had absolutely zero side effects from the anesthesia. It was incredible. I had an open hernia repair, my incision looks amazing, I had hardly any post operative pain and the recovery was easier than I expected. I cannot recommend Dr Cribbins enough.

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Jake Campbell


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Impressive patient service and staff! Dr. Cribbins changes lives! Thank you!

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We Can Use Da Vinci Technology
For Various Procedures

Bariatric/Weight Loss Surgery

General Surgery 

Dr. Cribbins and Dr. McCalman

Texas Center for
Bariatrics & Advanced Surgery

Our highly skilled and experienced board-certified surgeons, specialize in ultra-minimally invasive general and bariatric surgery and they are affiliated with a number of national associations, including:

  • American Board of Surgery
  • American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS)
  • American College of Surgeons (ACS)

To schedule a consultation, contact us online, or call (214) 501-1333 today.

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