Woman after bariatric revision surgery confident in body

Revision Surgery

If your bariatric surgery led to complications or poor results, it can be difficult to remain hopeful about your weight loss goals.

Bariatric revision surgery can address the shortcomings of your first procedure and help you achieve your desired results—for good.

Unsatisfied with the results of your bariatric surgery? The Texas Center for Bariatrics & Advanced Surgery in Plano, TX, can help you... 

Woman after bariatric revision surgery confident in body

When & Why Should You  Consider Revision Weight Loss Surgery?

There have been many new advances in technology and surgical techniques in recent years. These advances have significantly improved bariatric surgery and led to better bariatric results. Long-term weight loss success is possible. Not all weight loss surgery or bariatric surgeons are the same. Dr. Cribbins's 20 years of experience, advanced training, skill, and expertise set him apart.

Improved Results

If gastric band surgery, gastric bypass surgery, or gastric sleeve surgery did not produce the results you wanted, or if you gained weight after some time, bariatric revision can help you achieve better results or restart your weight loss.

Better Overall Health

By reducing or even reversing comorbidities such as type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, and high cholesterol, a successful weight loss procedure can help you improve your overall health. If you suffer from acid reflux, a gastric bypass can be used to redirect acid away from the esophagus, reducing symptoms like heartburn. 

Superior Quality of Life

Bariatric surgery revision gives patients a second chance to lose excess weight. In some cases, this means a new lease on life. The confidence that comes from greater comfort often translates to every part of your life. 

Discouraged by Your Results?  We are here to help you

You do not have to live with the unsatisfactory results of weight loss surgery of years past. Surgical advances in bariatrics can help you take control of your future and achieve effective and durable weight loss with the help of our surgeons.

At Texas Center for Bariatrics & Advanced Surgery, we offer many surgical and non-surgical solutions to help patients succeed with revisional bariatric surgery in Plano, the DFW metroplex, and surrounding areas.

Our board-certified surgeon, Dr. A. Joseph Cribbins III, is affiliated with several associations, including: 

  • American Board of Surgery (ABS)
  • American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS)
  • Texas Association for Bariatric Surgery (TABS)
  • Obesity Action Coalition (OAC)

You have options and we can help. To learn more, request a consultation at our Plano, TX, practice or call us:

(214) 501-1333

Dr. Cribbins
Texas Center for Bariatrics & Advanced Surgery proudly serves patients from Dallas, Plano, and beyond. We are here to help you achieve your wellness goals.

New Advanced Technology better surgery & better results

Exciting advances in bariatric surgery have happened in recent years. If you had surgery in the past, it was probably performed laparoscopically. Modern bariatric surgery, with Texas Center and Dr. Cribbins, utilizes the latest technology available to get patients the results they are looking for. The Da Vinci Xi® surgical system for weight loss surgery brings a wealth of changes to bariatric surgery. This new technology provides surgeons with 3DHD vision and instruments that extend beyond the limits of the human hand. Surgeons now have greater access to more anatomy for improved patient results.

Carly's Revision Story

"My life before I had Weight Loss Surgery. I didn’t realize how much my weight was limiting me before bariatric surgery. I was 32 years old, had Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and was on the verge of being put on cholesterol-lowering medicine."

"I hated being in crowded places because I always had to plan my “exit strategy” which always included the largest pathway, I couldn’t ride roller coasters because they wouldn’t close over my body, and I didn’t have the energy to walk my dogs or chase them around the back yard."

"I considered WLS for years before I finally decided to do it. My future is what made me go for it! I wanted to have a long healthy life that allowed me to enjoy all the things I love and wanted to experience in the future."

"Dr. Cribbins and staff have been so great to work with. They kept me updated every step of the way while we were waiting on insurance approval for my revision, appointments are easy to make, and Dr. Joe is kind and encouraging. My experience with Texas Center For Bariatrics has been 100% positive and a vast improvement from my previous bariatric experience."

"I LOVE my confidence! It has improved so much that I don’t want to blend in anymore! I will dance crazy moves in the middle of my classroom just to make my students laugh. I never would have brought attention to myself before. The confidence I have gained is priceless and has finally allowed my true joy to shine through."

What Patients Are Saying about Us


Duwayne Sibley


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Dr. Cribbins and his team were great- Always helpful and there to answer questions. They are truly doing life saving work. Had my gastric sleeve surgery in early January and have lost 90lbs so far- no more high blood pressure or sleep apnea! I feel great and would do it 100x over.

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Edgar Jaime


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Dr Cribbins and his team went above any beyond. I was scared of the surgery at first especially since I’ve never had any surgery but Dr cribbins and his team were really nice and guided me through everything. Once I woke up I didn’t even realize it was over. Would recommend anyone interested to go talk to him because he is pretty honest and will guide you down the right path. Thanks again Dr Cribbins for the life changing experience! Also ask for Marty! He will definitely take care of you as well!

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Reasons to Consider  Revision Surgery

Weight Regain

Whether your weight regain occurred years later or soon after your initial procedure, revision can help. If you suffered a weight regain it is important to understand that there are options. Several different factors could have caused you to gain weight, including; improper post-operative instructions, deviations from your weight loss plan, anatomical changes, behavioral changes, lifestyle changes, stress, or pregnancy. 


Although the risk of complications from gastric bypass, LAP-BAND®, and other surgeries is low, complications can occur. If your original procedure was not performed correctly, our board-certified doctors can help.

We use careful planning and state-of-the-art technology with Da Vinci Xi to ensure safe, successful outcomes each time.

Updated Procedures

Weight loss surgery has evolved dramatically over the past few years. Many patients from Plano, Dallas, and other parts of Texas come to us for the latest procedures like gastric bypass or gastric sleeve that could help them lose weight more efficiently and effectively. Some patients who received a gastric band in the past now require revision surgery to address reflux, weight regain, or a slipped band. 

There are also many patients that come to Texas Center for a re-sleeve or a sleeve to bypass to achieve greater weight loss results that were not achieved from their first surgery.  Dr. Cribbins uses the Da Vinci Xi surgical system, which provides him with 3DHD vision and increased accuracy during the surgery, resulting in better patient outcomes.

Which Revision Surgery Is Right for You?

Texas Center Surgeons take several factors into account when deciding which surgery to perform:
X-ray of chest and abdomen

Your General Anatomy

We start with x-rays to evaluate the esophagus and stomach and determine which procedure is best-suited to your anatomy.

Doctor and patient chatting

Your Health and Lifestyle

Before performing revision bariatric surgery, our doctors want to find out why the relapse or complications occurred so that we can find a procedure that is better suited to your needs. We will examine genetics, nutrition, behavior patterns, and environmental factors at home that could be influencing your weight. 

Bariatric surgeon performing surgery

Which Procedure You Initially Underwent

We will also take into account which procedure you underwent the first time to decide which revision bariatric surgery is right for you.

What Are Your  Surgical Options?

Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy to SADI-S, also known as an "Enhanced Sleeve"

People who have had a VSG and did not achieve their desired weight loss goals are able to have their sleeve enhanced.  With this procedure the surgeon is able to patients achieve their desired weight loss. 

Gastric Band Removal & Revision

Many patients who received a gastric band in the past choose bariatric revision because of weight regain or band slippage. Their options include:

  • Band to Gastric Sleeve
  • Band to Gastric Bypass Surgery

Sleeve Revision/Re-Sleeve

Gastric sleeve/vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) is a highly effective type of bariatric surgery, but it is normal for the stomach pouch to expand over time, causing weight regain at times. If you are unsatisfied with the results of your gastric sleeve, you can choose:

  • Gastric Sleeve to Gastric Bypass 
  • Re-Sleeve

Gastric Bypass Revision

Gastric bypass surgery reduces the size of the stomach and reroutes the intestines, so it is a highly effective form of weight loss surgery. But if you failed to lose a sufficient amount of weight, regained weight, or suffered complications after a gastric bypass, it may be time to consider a revision to your gastric bypass surgery. Pouch size and the length of intestinal limbs can be altered to achieve desired weight loss results.

Gastric Band Revision

Many patients from Plano, Dallas, and other parts of Texas come to us for gastric band revision, port replacements, and routine band adjustments/fills. Texas Center for Bariatrics & Advanced Surgery has an in-house LAP-BAND fill and maintenance program. Patients who received a gastric band in the past may now require maintenance or revision surgery to address: reflux, weight regain, or a slipped band.

Take the Next Step Contact Our Practice Today

If your gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, or gastric band was unsuccessful, don't feel discouraged. Texas Center for Bariatrics & Advanced Surgery can help you continue your weight loss journey. Contact our practice online to get answers from an experienced bariatric surgeon. You can also reach our office in Plano by phone.

Long-Lasting Results, Lifelong Change Patients from Dallas and Plano Share Their Stories


Mitra Partow-Soroushi


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I highly recommend Dr. Cribbins to anyone considering bariatric surgery. He is a gifted surgeon with an amazing bedside manner.

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Priscilla’s World


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I couldn’t ask for a better Dr...Dr. Cribbins is the way to go if you are looking to have bariatric surgery... the process was made so easy...

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The Da Vinci Xi Surgical System Ultra Minimally Invasive Technology
for Improved Surgical Outcomes

Texas Center for Bariatrics & Advanced Surgery exclusively performs revision surgeries on the Da Vinci Xi surgical system. Dr. Cribbins is specialized and is a highly trained surgeon of excellence in Da Vinci surgery.

The technology on the Da Vinci Xi surgical system provides the surgeon with 3DHD magnified vision and true depth perception. This allows the surgeon to see beyond the capability of the naked eye. The Da Vinci Xi system also allows the surgeon increased precision and a greater range of motion while operating. This translates to even better results for patients and a faster recovery time.

This platform offers several benefits over traditional methods of bariatric surgery:

  • Better visualization
  • Better angles
  • Less pain
  • Improved outcomes
  • Minimal scarring 
  • Faster recovery
  • Better results
daVinci® Xi Robotic Surgical System

Maintaining Your Weight Loss—For Good

At Texas Center for Bariatrics & Advanced Surgery, we want to ensure that your revision surgery is successful. After surgery, we help our patients maintain their weight loss by: 

Providing Lifelong Support

When you undergo weight loss surgery at Texas Center for Bariatrics & Advanced Surgery, you are not just a patient. You are a part of our family. We have been in practice dedicated to changing lives for over two decades. Our doctors maintain a lifelong commitment and relationship to our patients and their success.

Setting You Up With an Expert Team

Our board-certified doctors have assembled a team of trusted bariatric specialists, nutritionists, and psychologists who can provide guidance, support, and tools to help you maintain your results.  

Does Insurance Cover Revision Surgery?


Yes. Most primary weight loss procedures and revision surgeries are partially or fully covered by medical insurance. As policies and coverage can vary, be sure to check with your insurance provider.

Worried about the Cost of Revision Weight Loss Surgery?

Is Revision Surgery Worth It?

If you are worried about the cost of revision surgery, you are not alone. Many patients who already invested in an initial bariatric procedure are hesitant to pay for a second surgery and its associated costs.

Many patients who choose revision surgery feel that the improved weight loss and resulting health benefits justify the price tag. We can help you consider the advantages of revisional treatment during a consultation.

Financing Options

Texas Center for Bariatrics & Advanced Surgery accepts financing through Prosper™ Healthcare Lending and CareCredit®. These financing options divide the total cost of your revision procedure into manageable installments.

During your consultation at our office in Plano, we can go over payment and financing options and determine an affordable, cost-effective solution that fits in your budget.

Smiling woman after bariatric revision with dr joe cribbins

More Reviews from Patients


Jackie Golden


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I have been his patient since 2015. He is a caring professional doctor. His office staff have also been excellent and professional. It is a Blessing 2 have him 4 my barbaric doctor . He is very well educated in his specialty and concerned about his patients and their health. He tries 2 educate patients and listen 2 their concerns and issues concerning the procedure they r having performed. And he is handsome

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Stephanie Smith


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Joe and his staff are awesome. They made the process of Bariatric surgery less complicated and eased my worries. The whole process was smooth for me. Joe was always very compassionate & available to answer any concerning questions I had pre/post op. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to change their eating lifestyle and lose weight. They truly have the patient’s best interest in mind and you’ll be very well taken care of.

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dr joe cribbins and dr edmund chen DAVINCI robotic bariatric surgeons dallas tx

Texas Center for
Bariatrics & Advanced Surgery

Our highly skilled and experienced board-certified surgeons specialize in ultra-minimally invasive general and bariatric surgery. They are affiliated with a number of national associations, including the:

  • American Board of Surgery
  • American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS)
  • American College of Surgeons (ACS)
  • Fellow American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (FASMBS)

To request a consultation, contact us online or call (214) 501-1333 today.

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